Finding element at particular position when multiple elements present with the same name

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when the element with the same name is present at different position in browser. I want to find the element at particular position and click on it in browser. When i am trying to do so it is clicking on some other position. Please help me out in this… Any help will be appreciated



Use Ui Explorer to find the selector of different elements.By comparing those selectors for each element,there will be some unique selector for your required element.

@lukas_krishnan Thanks for replying
Can you explain me how it can be done… Since i am a beginner i am not getting exactly what you are saying



Actually i need to check the status of an application whether it is running or not. If it is stopped i need to start it… Since so many application names are there with start and stop option. I need to check for exact application name and check the status stopped or not… If it is stopped i need to start it but when i am trying to do it is clicking somewhere else. How it can be achieved i am uploading the screenshot of it… I need to search for sipserver1 status Please help me out how it can achieved

@mahendragr as you can see in ribbon panel you will find ui explore icon click on that.
-once you opened it click on indicate element and click on particular element in browser which you are looking for.after that it will generate a copy this in notepad.
-now change the position of the name in browser which you are looking and again use click indicate element in uiexplore and click on the name in browser and it will generate a new selector.copy this is notepad.
-now compare those two selectors and see what are the attributes have same names and create a common selector and use it.

@mahendragr use anchor base activity in that use find element activity and indicate the sipserver1 and use click activity and indicate at the start option to start the application.


Whether the position of sipserver1 is static or dynamic?

@venkatmalla6 Thanks for replying… How can i check whether it is stopped or not… If it is stopped then only i need to start… Otherwise i should not do anything and i used anchor base too as you told it is clicking at that position and just got exited and showing error too

@lukas_krishnan It is static bro

@mahendragr if you want to check for only sipserver1.use element exists activity and indicate element on stopped for sirserver1,it gives you output as boolean value and also make sure the element exists activity selector should contain aaname attribute and also check the idx attribute once.
-now use if condition and give the element exists activity variable here and in then section use click activity as start application.don’t give anything in else condition.

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@venkatmalla6 Yes i am using anchor base with the anchor as sipserver1 and check the status is stopped or not by using element exists activity and it is coming true but when i try to click at that particular position to start it is clicking somewhere else

@mahendragr somewhere in the sense,is it clicking another start application or not clicking at the start position at all.i’m where it is clicking whether it clicking on another start application or anything.

Yes bro it is clicking start button in another application

Bro i gave the fixed idx for that start button but idx is dynamically changing how can i make to click at the position. The idx is dynamically changing when i run the program. the idx will be same when i indicate the element but when i run it the idx is dynamically changing. This is the problem now how can it be resolved. Please help me out in this

@mahendragr does the idx is changing for sipserver1 every time or its maintaining same value for sipserver1.if the idx value is changing dynamically for that sipserver1.check the selector whether is there any value is static every time.and make it as selector.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I am running into the same issue working with my ERP system, except I can’t use an anchor. I am trying to get the value out of the Total Cleared box, but when I try to add an anchor, it doesn’t recognize the text, only the whole window or the box that I am trying to select (see screenshot below). When I go into UI Explorer, the only unique attribute is the position of the box on the screen, but I can’t get it to validate when I try to manually add that in. Any suggestions @venkatmalla6?