Capturing UI element whose position varys and there is same named other UI element as well

i want to capture data from a site where same named ui element are there and the ui elemnt i want to capture changes each time for different entry, For ex: co-payment is ui element name but there is another co payment named ui element and some times its on the first no. and sometimes its on mid or last , So how can i capture that element from that site

Hi @Sanjeev_gupta

Do u mean the selector uielement having name as co-payment or co payment but it’s position changes

nived ui eement name is co payment and there is another section which has same co payment name tag, and also these section changing there position


It would be great you can share the screenshot of the elements

Also share the selectors which you are targeting the element

By this way we can get to know the issue


Hi @Sanjeev_gupta

What I am suggesting go with css selector concepts because they use the unique part of uielement for detection

i have tried anchor base find children and using wildcard too but its not working

sorry the project im working on is credential work and my office will not allow to take screenshot ,
i can navigate you through that if you want


Check the difference in the selector of both elements

even if the position changes, the selector has to be dynamic

Hope this may helps you

Thank you

yes the selector is dynamic and i have tried three methods for that using idx as wildcard and anchor base and also find children method none of them is working , if someone can help me with visual tree method or fuzzy search method

i have to click on co payment which is dynamic and the se3lector isn’t working even find children isnt working coj its not in same container as others , anchor base isnt working each time im trying it clicks on upper reporting button even if i mentioned direction