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Hello Team,
I have 2 excel file,i’m getting a ID from 1 excel,i want to search for that ID in 2 excel and want to read specific data related to that id,Please guide,
Thank you

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Read both excel tables to datatables. Then use the Lookup DataTable activity.

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To search the in excel , you can use the find activity which is exists here.


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Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—Like first read the table from excel with READ RANGE activity and get the output with a variable of datatable named dt
–again another one with read range for second excel and get the datatable dt2
—Then using a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass the above obtained datatable dt1 variable as input
—Were we wil be able get the output we want
Like this in property panel
Input - row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString
Datatable - dt2
Lookup column name - “dt2 column name”. // to be taken as lookup from dt2

Target column name - “dt2 column name “. // to be taken as our output from dt2

Result - stroutput which will be our string output variable

–use writeline activity and mention as stroutput.ToString

Cheers @Mayyur

,In this example,Policy number need to be searched from Excel and row containing Policy must read the specific data related to that row
Row1(Matched Policy Number - 33333333) and corresponding data i.e. Column 4 (Amount) need to fetched

33333333 (Policy number) must be searched and Amount (300000) must be the O/p,
Please guide