Find Orchestrator 2019.10.18 full license key

To be able to open a support ticket I need my Orchestrator license key. If I open the Orchestrator in the web page and click in top right corner and select License, the license page opens. In top of that page it says “License key: ***480000” but how do I get the full license key?

By the way, 480000 is a fictive number.

If you have access to the SQL server tagged with orchestrator, check the audit logs for something like this., you can find the license key there.

Perfect, I found it there. Thanks a lot :+1:

@Claus - awesome.! If possible mark it as solution so that others can find it easily :slight_smile:

@JithinKP how do I mark it as solution, I can’t find anything to click?

Normally there will be a “Solution” option for the post owner similar to Reply, Like etc for every comment. Ignore if its not available :slight_smile:

I moved it to the Orchestrator category for general questions and marked as solved. Solutions are disabled for our User Voice categories by design because they lock the topic after 3 days, which sometimes isn’t desired within this continuos feedback space.
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