Find image is not working in background


I am using Find image matches activity but it find images only those which we can see
but if i scroll down there are so many images that it is not finding

so is there any other alternative for that ?

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Hi @Vikram212

Try using the browser attach and within that activity find the image

yes @KMota , i tried attach browser now but no luck it is just finding images which we can see on screen
but it is not scrolling down and not looking for all the images

I believe find image is supposed to work with only the images on the screen, as there are no selectors involved and only clipping region with respect to the browser window and the resolution. You might need to handle the scrolling part accordingly.

Try Use Element Exists activity and will give you boolean variable.

You should maybe try the Find Children activity and use Filter property to only pull the IMG tag. This will give you a list of elements I think. Then, you can run them through a For each and use Take Screenshot activity followed by Save Image.

I would suggest avoiding the Find Image and use element activities, but I can understand if you are in a citrix environment or the screen has no elements. In that case, you would need to add in steps to scroll the page until you are at the bottom of the page - depending on how long the page can be, you could just perform an End keystroke which will drop to the bottom of the page, assuming it’s not a very long page.

I think we would need to know more about what you are trying to do exactly to make further suggestions, cause looking for images is not a common task for RPA.



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