How to find all elements in a screen using 'Find Image Matches' without scrolling down?

I have a screen that contains multiple check boxes having different icons. I have to select check boxes that have only green tick icons. Now the different icons do not have strong, dependable and unique selectors. So I am trying to use ‘Find Image Maches’. The idea is to have a list of all the images and click the corresponding check boxes.
Now it is only working for the icons that are seen on the screen and is not working for the icons/checkboxes that are present down the pages. As I want to make it work dynamically using ways to scroll down is not a good idea in my opinion.

Can anybody tell me how to get all the elements of the entire page matching with the images without scrolling down?

Hi @humanity2003,

Of what I’m aware these activities work only with elements that appear in the screen so I don’t think that’s possible. What I would do is work with this using a while. While this element exist scroll down, then use image matches and again something like that.


Thanks Munro for the reply.
Yes, I agree with you. The activities tend to only work for elements that are visible.

Probably the better option would be to use a loop like you have mentioned. But the burning question would be how to exit from the loop. ‘While the element exist scroll down’, might not be a robust idea. Because at some case the screen might show no element having expected icon(green tick in my case, check my screenshot above for reference), but there might be some more down the page.
So if I exit at that point, I might lose some more elements.

I have to think of some mechanism to confirm if the navigation has gone to the lowest part of the page and then only exit the loop.

Thanks a lot anyway for your input. :slight_smile:

Hi @humanity2003,

What I do is

  1. Count how many clicks it takes to not show the current elements in the screen to only leave new ones.
  2. Make 2 variables then extract the screen so I assign the value of the first extract to it.
  3. Make the number of clicks needed (the counted ones).
  4. Extract again and give the value to the other variable (remember we have 2).
  5. Check the condition, the condition should be something like if variable 1 = variable 2 then exit loop because eventually we will not have any more values and we want to exit. This should happen at the end of the scroll.
    Note: You might have duplicate values at the end.