Find Image and Image Exists are finding the wrong image!

I am having an issue with the activities “find image” and “image exists”. For some reason, the activities are executing and not throwing an exception(passing) when the image is not on any window, screen, or tab. I have played with the accuracy like putting it on 0.8 and 1.0, but it still finds an image that i am not looking for. Please assume i know what I’m looking for, because it tells you to indicate on screen. Can i get some help please?

As a way to debug the issue, you can use Highlight activity to see what UIpath actually finds. You just feed it the same selector as any of the two activities.

I tried multiple times and it still finds some image that is not the indicated one.

i may need to switch to “find element” but i would like to make use of “find image”

Yeah Element activities are more reliable than Image ones.

I’m not* sure why it is finding a different image that’s different. Try reselecting the image or including more or less of the image so it’s more specific.