Find element is automatically picking asterisk for title/ file name


I was trying to automate a PDF get text activity for multiple PDFs using Anchor base, but suddenly I noticed that it is not allowing me to change the title and automatically using wildcard selector asterisk (*) in the file name.

Please refer to the photo, I assume it is a bug, as even after restarting the Studio several times the issue persists.


Hi @Rajesh_Shet
did u use attach window activity inside which u had used anchor base ?
is it right?

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Oh yes, I did use it, now I see that it happens only when it is inside attached the window. it will be great if you can help me understand why does that happens?

Hi @Rajesh_Shet
It is because, in Attach Window activity, it is taking care of title part, so whatever activity u put inside it would had same root node in selector which is defined as in Attach Window

So if you need to change the title part, then change it in the Attach Window Property if you had used it

Nived N
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Great, Thanks for your help, Appreciate it.

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