Find Element inconsistency

I’m currently trying to extract some information from PDF files. I’m trying to extract a field through Anchor Base . I have a stable selector which was working previously and stopped detecting the element all of a sudden today. The element gets highlighted on the PDF as well when highlighted on the UI Explorer but fails to detect on the PDF. Now I’m getting ActivityTimeOutException for Find Element activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

@ddpadil @badita @aksh1yadav any leads on this?

Did you try to see latest selector information. try to copy old selector and try to read again and compare. You will notice what was changed in selector.

Yes, I have compared the selectors and they are not changing, yet it does not recognize.

You have to check more… because some times your settings are getting loose. some times your PDF packages might go bad while execution. This will happen because of DotNet frame work. When u add at first time it will work perfectly, when u close your application and re open then it won’t work… please check in that direction.

do you have any idea what changed with PDF when this issue appeared ?
or maybe a Studio update?

I have the below selector for my find element.

 <wnd app='acrord32.exe' cls='AcrobatSDIWindow' title='*.pdf - Adobe Reader' />
 <wnd cls='AVL_AVView' title='AVPageView' />
 <ctrl idx='*' role='row' />
 <ctrl name='P.O. Number ' role='text' />

The only changing properties are the file name and the index idx. For one pdf the index value is 5 and for the other it is 7. So I added a ‘*’ wildcard. It does not work. It starts working if I change it back to 5 or 7.

P.S. I have not updated the Studio

maybe the title tag is causing issues with your selector

No luck changing the title property to wildcard ‘*’

Hey @Sripadraj,
Problem is clearly with selector.
Its not recommended to have idx value more than 2.
I suggest you try adding parent class/parent id or other attribute until you get rid of index attribute (idx) and give a try.

The problem is that there are no other properties for the element.

try removing entire idx attribute and see what happens?
If doesn’t work does 5 and 7 are constant value?
If so you could pass variable in selector according your condition.

The Find Element fails with ActivityTimeOutExcecption if idx attribute is removed. Maybe I should try passing constant values. That will be my last option. Thanks for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

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