The UiElement is no longer valid please solve the issue


try to re-validate or indicate the element again


the thing is unable to indicate

while trying to indicate only i got that error


May I know what element are you trying to indicate and also what activity are you using here ?

i used anchor base
in that i add find element activity
and i tried to indicate the element from the pdf while that time i got that error

Hi @New_Bot

Can you share the screenshot of the selector in Uiexplorer and workflow

Refer this thread


i like to select account number using find element

Hi @New_Bot

You can use Read PDF activity
Output variable β†’ OutPDF

You can get the Account No using regex expression

Use assign activity

LHS : Create an variable
RHS : System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(OutPDF,(?<=Account No:)\s+(\S.+))

Have an view on the thread for more information about regex


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