Find element Error

Hi Friends,

I am facing this issue while automating process.



This error means that you exceeded the Timeout time. In other words, the bot couldn’t find the element you are searching for.

You may need to adjust the properties of your selector.

Feel free to send screenshots here.


I am facing one more issue.

Are you sure you reached the proper page of your application?

Some possible solutions:

  • Use β€˜*’ in ctrlname value:
  • Remove ctrlname so only will remain.

Yes I am sure and i reached the proper page of automation

If i ctrlname=β€˜*’ then it works

Great! Feel free to tag me if you have any other questions.

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My query is not yet resolved.
If i ctrlname='*'then it will works for me

Again i am facing same issue.

Plse resolve this issue.


Please ensure that the below points are considered

  1. Find element activity is placed within a scope that is within ATTACH BROWSER activity

  2. Like the below make sure the dynamic selectors are replaced with wildcard symbols

And include as much as stable attributes like aaname, innerText

  1. And increase the TIMEOUT property by mentioning as 40000 and change the WaitForReady property as NONE

  2. Upgrade the UIAutomation package
    Go to design tab β†’ manage packages-> All Packages-> Project Dependencies- β†’ upgrade the packages

Cheers @venkateshcheeni09

You can try to dissect a bit from the error message :

  1. As you can see in the error, ctrlname is not marked with a wildcard as @Charbel1 suggested.

  2. Obviously there is no issue with timeout or page not being ready as the robot got the new selector, that shows the element was there, just that selector didn’t have the 100% match.

You just need to make a dynamic selector.

What you should ideally do is, get that particular selector open in Ui browser and then see if you can add some other supporting element to validate selector after removing the ctrlname as it is changing.

There would be surely a group of static elements that will validate the selector, if not use a wildcard * for an element that is changing for different pages, and this should work.

Try to have minimum elements in a selector that will get the work done correctly. Do test on 2-3 pages to confirm if it is validate all.

Actually what you are saying i can’t able to understand.

Can you please ellobrate what you are saying

No worries mate @venkateshcheeni09

Selectors are like the eyes to the robot
Robot identifies elements using selectors

As you need to have different pages, there might be selector elements that are common to both pages and also elements that are not common to both page.

So the ones that are not common, needs to he handled, they csn be removed and then we can check if selector is valid. Or you can replace thier value as a wildcard. wildcard * means any value.

So if you put ctrlname =β€œ*” this will ensure any value in ctrlname will be taken as a valid data for ctrlname element

in your case, ctrlname is changing for different pages, right?
so you need to nake that element dynamic, to handle all pages, this can be done using wildcard as shown above.

I added that, if you use a type into activity that will have a selector, just open that selector in Ui Browser. That will give you all the possible elements that can be added to the selector. Just try the smallest number of elements that makes selector valid. Validate in few pages, If there is an element changing then make it dynamic by using wildcard as shown above.

Hope this adds at least some value and helps you to understand.

Were the above one included @venkateshcheeni09

Ok Thank you for information.

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