How to make the selectors of Computer vision activities dyanamic?

Hi Team,

I am automating some process of a salesforce application. I am getting one issue while using the CV activities. I have to make the selectors of CV Screen Scope dyanamic becz its keeping all the time. While doing so, I am getting element not found error.
eg : I have selectors like this

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘xyz| xyz’
webctrl id=‘brandBand_2’ tag=‘DIV’

After replacing the digit 2 with * , I am getting Element not found error.

Please suggest solution for this.



Instead of * try with ?

Also try to search for more selectors if available

OR your can use Anchors as alternative

Hope this may helps


@ksrinu070184, Thanks for quick response.

I tried with ? , getting the same error.
Also, I tried with other unselected selectors. Same error.

Hi @Alamgir03,

Try like this
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘star|star’
webctrl id=‘brandBand_?’ tag=‘DIV’

Omkar P


That is fixed, No need to make the title star|star. I have to make webctrl id dyanamic. ? or * is not working here.


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