How to make the selectors of Computer vision activities dyanamic?

Hi Team,

I am automating some process of a salesforce application. I am getting one issue while using the CV activities. I have to make the selectors of CV Screen Scope dyanamic becz its keeping all the time. While doing so, I am getting element not found error.
eg : I have selectors like this

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘xyz| xyz’
webctrl id=‘brandBand_2’ tag=‘DIV’

After replacing the digit 2 with * , I am getting Element not found error.

Please suggest solution for this.



Instead of * try with ?

Also try to search for more selectors if available

OR your can use Anchors as alternative

Hope this may helps


@Srini84, Thanks for quick response.

I tried with ? , getting the same error.
Also, I tried with other unselected selectors. Same error.

Hi @Alamgir03,

Try like this
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘star|star’
webctrl id=‘brandBand_?’ tag=‘DIV’

Omkar P


That is fixed, No need to make the title star|star. I have to make webctrl id dyanamic. ? or * is not working here.


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I am automating some process of a flash website , we are using CV activities ,Here we have date and time for scheduling . How to select date and time dynamically.

first we need to select date and based on date timing table will display there we need to select time.
How to select dynamically?