Find date from Workbook's name on excel file

Hello all,

I need your help please, i need to copy date of workbook’s name to a specific column, like “workbook name 01 2020” , i want to copy just month and year to “column date” with this format mm/yyyy on the whole column, thanks in advance.


Haiii @Maroua302 R u need to copy month&year from another file to ur workbook ? Can u Xplain me in detail?

so you have the workbook name already and if the format is always say ie. Workbook Name 01 2020 then you can split the string.

and take the last item in the array as year and second from last as month.

Thanks @TimK,

can you give me an exemple please.

@Nandhuba, i need to copy the last part of the workbook name which is like this " name 02 2020", i will copy it to the same workbook on a column

@Maroua302 what do u meant by last part Can u share ur Excel file or screen shot


as you see i had copied the range A3 to column C3 + mm/yyyy which is mentioned on the name of the excel file, i did that with vba code, but i want to create by uipath because i have 3 excel file.

@Maroua302 In write cell u need to Mention sheet name and fix range which u want to write
I think so your’s (Client coloumn’s range)& concatenate Client + dd/yy( if all IDs have same dd/yy means u can use Client+“02 2020”

Let me know is this working or not

@Nadhuba, Client name and last part of the title which change every month like 02 2019,
03 2019