I want to save the excel with a date name

I use an “excel application scope”, the excel already has a defined name “data Output” and I want it to also save the date in the name of the excel, as well as “02-02-2019 data output”, what steps would I have to do ?

In your excel application scope, check the box for ‘CreateNewFile’. In the WorkbookPath, put the full file path (including name and extension) where you want the new excel file to be created.

If you want the date to be a variable, you can use YourDateTimeVariable.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”) in place of the “02-02-2019” portion of the name.

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Please have a look on the below picture.

Here during giving workbook path, also use DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”) along with the full path and file name(previous part of the name).

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In Excel application scope activity, mention file name as below.

    "data Output_"+Now.Tostring("dd-MM-yyyy")

does that create a new true file every time it runs ?, my Excel lacks “product activation”, and I get the activation message, I guess that’s the solution, because I see that it creates the file with the current date

why the underscore?

Yes it would. If you don’t have an activated microsoft office or excel, then you should not be using Excel Activity Scope though. You should instead be using the workbook activities, which has mostly the same functionality, but doesn’t require Microsoft Office to be installed

no, it’s fine, because then I will activate the license, rather it could be added to the name of the excel file, the bone time “11:23 am”, so that the excel file goes like this: “Final Result_16_10_2019 11:23 am” it could be to do that?

this place in the “excel application scope” = “Final Result” + “_” + Now.ToString (“dd_MM_yyyy”) + “. xlsx”

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