How to read data from a worksheet with a different name every week

Dear all,

I have to open an excel file from email (by save attachments from email). So far so good.
The next step is to copy data from a worksheet with a different name every week.
So the names are dates: 24.01.2020, 17.01.2020 etc.
Could you please help me out and tell me how to fix this?


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we Can use GetSheets method to get the sheetname from the workbook
that is the steps involved will be like
–use excel application scope and pass the file path of the excel as input and iin that activity we got an output property named WORKBOOK where get an output named out_workbook
–inside the scope use a ASSIGN activity like this
arr_sheets = out_workbook.GetSheets.ToArray()
where arr_sheets is a varaible of type array of string

– now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input and change the type argument as string
–inside the loop use READ RANGE activity and mention the sheetname as item.ToString

Cheers @Jacklynn

Hi @Palaniyappan,
Thanks for your help. Your way of working works, but I have to do the next thing:
Not to copy data from all the different tabs, but every week from one tab like:
Week 1: 17.01.2020
Week 2: 24.01.2020 and so on.
Could you please help me with this question?
Many thanks and kind regards, Jacklynn

May I know how many sheets will be there and what is the position of the sheet want
Will that position remains same or will it differ from other sheet name by chance

Cheers @Jacklynn