How to select one item from Drop down list and then click a button. Repeat the process for top 10 items in Drop Down list


I’m new to UiPath Studio. Pardon for my naïve questions.

I’ve a scenario where I need to select one item from drop down list(contains dates with some text ex., one item in drop down list will look like “04-02-2012 - text”) and click a button next to drop down list (By clicking this button, display’s a PDF document which I have to save). After saving the file, I have to go back to drop down list and select second item in the drop down list and follow the same process. I have to repeat this process for first 10 items in drop down list.

In order to achieve this, below are the steps I followed

  1. Used Find children activity to get all the Elements from dropdown list
  2. Later looped through each UI element and collected all the required items in list
  3. for each item in list - click the button next to drop down, save PDf and send hot key “Down” so that next item in drop down list will be selected and repeat.

This approach works but, since dropdown list is big first two steps mentioned above is taking a bit longer. I want to do this process only for first 10 items in Drop down list. How can I pick only top 10 items in drop down list in the first step so that I can reduce my process time.

Please suggest. Any idea is appreciated. If there is any better approach than what I tried, please suggest.


Hi @sunit30 !
I would suggest you to try to use:

  • “get attribute” activity and with its output I would get all the data contained in the listbox
  • then assign to take only the 10 first elements of the output of the get attribute listbox output
  • then “select item” activity
    Like this:

Thank you so much @Hiba_B for your suggestion. It worked.

Topic can be closed as it is resolved by @Hiba_B

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