"Find Children" "Select Item" from a drop down list

it is displaying the name of each month but i don’t wanna do that

ok I got you
plz open the site and run the workflow it will select months one by one


I had a look at the website - I can give you the steps in a while as I am travelling (although in principle you are supposed to try it and then revert if you face any issues) but this should be fairly simple.

open but which site?

ok sure sir

Well, @Mehboob_Zeirdi

I have built a normal wrapper flow (without handling anything except making the workflow work as request) do check and make it robust - hope this helps you understand how to stitch together the logic and use find children. Test.xaml (33.4 KB)

Also if you want to get more idea on ‘find children’ and how to leverage it in your processes check this out - https://forum.uipath.com/search?q=find%20children%20user%3Araghavendraprasad

Hope this solves your query

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