Find blank entries in my source file / data table


I have created a workflow with the following activities:

  1. Read from CSV file
  2. Create data table
  3. For each row in data table
  4. Write Message box

There are blank entries in some rows in my source file (and in my data table). I want my workflow to find the blank entries and perform a different activity.

When I try this command I do not obtain the message box 'here I am" using the syntax provided.
As you can see from my screenshot, there is a blank entry in my source file.
Can you recommend another syntax I could use?


Row(“Tool”).tostring = “”

Try This

Thanks for the quick feedback. I am still unable to identify a blank entry and perform an alternate action.

My workflow seems to work if I check for a specific entry in my file like “0” but not for blank entries which seems strange!

If I share my project here can someone take a look what I am missing in my logic?

The target website is : CMS Filter and Search Bar – No Code Flow Component - Webflow

The source file is included in my project folder under “Samples” (11.6 KB)

try with trimming

Thanks for the reply… still not working!

maybe this one can help

we gave a different statement

where the row value was trimmed

you can also debug and inspect the values within the debug panels. In the immediate panel you can prototype the statements

Understanding the 6 Debugging Panels of UiPath in the easiest way possible!

So full tools and analysis techniques are avaialble for you at your end and can be directly used. In case of any further open questions share the details from the debug analyses with us. Thanks

Hi @andrew.haworth

You Need to have .xlsx or .xls File for this process. Csv will ignore the empty cells.

Please Refer below Solution
Checkbox.xaml (30.0 KB)

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