Datatable has some rows which are ready only


Can anyone help me with the following? I have used data scraping to create a table where I am looping through the rows and entering some values in the empty rows. That part works fine but some rows are already populated and therefore are ‘ready only’ rows. The bot still thinks that it is empty because I am using the following expression not String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(0).ToString) and tries to enter some values. Is there anyway to have the bot understand that some rows are ready only?

It could be the field contains a space => is not “empty”
Better use string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace


a safe pattern to check if the column is null/blank is following
isNothing(row(0)) OrElse String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(row(0).toString.Trim))

Thanks for your help. I tried both options but the bot still thinks the filed is clickable even though it is not. It crashes then because when you click on the field a pop up appears but as the field is not click able then no pop appears and the bot crashes.

I would have though there was a way of telling the bot that a field within a data table is ‘read only’

Better debug and check the row(0) value. Maybe it is not empty as you expect …