Checking for blank rows in my table when working with for each Row

I am reading from an Excel sheet using for each row, and wished to improve my configuration to ignore blank rows in my Excel sheet:

My question relates to the hierarchy of my workflow?!

I wish to read data from a file, write data to a data table (evaluating any blank rows and ignore them), then (for testing) write to a message box

How should my workflow look?


just add the missing closing bracket after toString

a more defensive approach:

isNothing(row(colname)) OrElse String.isNullOrEmpty(row(colname).toSring.Trim)

You can just get rid of those blank rows by using a filter datatable activity,
Selecting the “Remove rows option”
And specifying that if a particular column, or an aggrupation of them with And conditions are empty, consider it as a blank row and erase it.

@Sebastian many thanks for your feedback.

Can I ask for your help with completing the activity criteria?


For context: my workflow is reading a CSV file, and mapping individual fields to a web form. For some fields there is a requirement to perform additional extraction like in my example below. I am using a Regex expression for this. The problem is the CSV file created by the source system includes gaps!


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