What is the correct syntax for my IF statement

I have a workflow

  1. Read CSV
  2. Create datatable
  3. For each row in datatable
  4. Use browser/application
  5. click

I wish to use an IF statement to evaluate the text entered in my source file. If my source file (row) contains the text “Design Tools” I wish to click a specific check box “Design Tools” in a web form.

I assume I could use Else commands for other text entries in my source file.

Can I ask what syntax I should be using in my IF statement?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @andrew.haworth do you know the column name or number of the word you are searching for?..

Hi @andrew.haworth

Checkout this condition

your if will be inside the for each row in datatable

CurrentRow("Your Column Name").ToString.Contains("Design Tools")
then you click on the specific check box


Hi @andrew.haworth ,

you if condition should be like:

row("Column Name").toString.contains("Design Tools")


row(0).toString.contains(“Design Tools”)

supposing that 0 is the column in which you want to search.

Column Numbers (index) always start from 0.

If you feel any confusion, pls do let me know!


Yes it is always column “Tools”

Then you can try with this @andrew.haworth
CurrentRow(“Tools”).ToString.Contains(“Design Tools”)

Thanks very much

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Thanks for your reply. this activity is now working well. One QQ I have is what will be the syntax to check for a blank or missing entry in my source file - this will require a unique action in the web form.


@andrew.haworth for this you can place following condition in your if:

CurrentRow(“Your Column Name”).ToString.Trim.Length=0


Sorry to keep asking questions…

When I try your command (in isolation!) outside of my project - I do not obtain the message box 'here I am" using the syntax provided.

There is a blank entry in my source file.


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