Find and replace all. Remove layer without deleting content


It would be nice to have a find and replace-all function in uipath studio for workflows.
When developing for DRP or Citrix a lot of times you attach a RDP window or something like that. A robot running on the RDP doesnt need those attachments.

So it would be nice to have a find & replace a value in all the “open” workflows.
As well as the option to remove a container (for example attach window) without having to drag and drop all content out of that container before removing it.

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I’ve seen them say that a Replace feature is in the pipeline as far as replacing text. I don’t know about replacing/removing activities though but I think that could be useful. - like for example, you should be able select multiple activities from the search, then delete them.

Note: at top right there is a search box, so you can “Find” what you are looking for pretty quickly in all workflows that are in the same project folder.

True about the search function. i use it all the time. But the problem remains that you still have to select every item listed and replace it by hand. (I guess i can build a robot for that tho)
A time consuming process especially with larger projects. And as far as i know, the Find option only works on documents that you have opened within the folder.

Hi @MickeyFireMouse

I can confirm that this is on our menu, but with no set deadline just yet. We will get there though!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.