Find all instances of a specific activity in a project

I have a rather large project in UiPath Studio and I want to find all the places that have a Message Box activity (because I want to delete most of them as they were only there for debugging purposes). Is this possible?

Are you asking for a solution other than searching for term “MessageBox” in universal search?

You can see the occurrences of all activities in Outline pane


There you can click to make selection and delete.


There is a Search box in top right. If you click on a result, it will take you to the exact activity. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:



This is true. But if I have hundreds of activities in a workflow and many are deeply nested then it may not be reasonable for me to use the outline to see all of them unless there is a search bar that will highlight all of them for me. Does nothing like that exist?

@skarbrevik, The search bar I shown you will highlight the result if you click on the result.

However it is not possible to highlight all the results, because each result will be in different places.

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