Replace multiple text with one find & replace activity

Dear Forum Members,

I have a workflow, in which I am replacing the text in a PowerPoint slide by using Powerpoint’s Find and replace activity and the data I am taking from the excel file. I am using multiple Find and Replace activity for each replacement. Is there any way to do multiple replacements with a single Find and Replace activity. Because there will be a situation when we don’t know the number of replacements, and take this as input through the user. So in that case, I need to use the loop and take one Find and replace activity.

Is this achievable, If yes then how?

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have at this point in your code the find and replace sets, you can try the following:
Add the find-replace values to a 2 column datatable:
FindValues | ReplaceValues

“Left” | “Right”
“Foo” | “Bar”

Next create a for each row in datatable loop, and execute the find replace as the looped activity.

Hi, Thanks for your response.


I want to achieve this, Please see the screenshot. Now, I am able to replace the text by taking 3 different Find and Replace activity, one loop is working for taking values from different columns. How to replace values like Name, Course Name and Date within a single Find and Replace activity. I want to make it dynamic so I could add more columns to excel but no need to change the code.

Is it possible to achieve this, Thanks.