How click a link on web page which is changing dynamically?

How click a link on a web page which is changing dynamically?
I have to click on the ticket number which is a dynamic one. Can anyone help me on this issue?

Use get attribute based on selector and try to loop based on while condition


Try to build dynamic selector

How to do that? I tried. But, it doesn’t work. I have tried like in the attached image. But it is works on only one record. Selectors


That’s the link which needs to be clicked. But, ticket numbers will change.

same issue where selectors changes everytime so i have tried using computer vision activity.(changed the attribute also)

1.)Are checked with wild cards * and ?
2.)try to avoid aaname and add some other properties and try
3.) is there any chance that you an get to know tick number before click
4.) try to use get property activity to get the value of a aaname and then pass that value in the click selector selection try this oprtion

I haven’t use wildcards before. Since, I don’t know how to use. Ticket number will get visible before clicking on that. Can u update my xaml file and give?Main.xaml (28.6 KB)