Find a value in a web table and clicking

Hi, I’m creating my first robot, need find a value in a column of web table and clicking on other column of row. how can I do it?

For example: Find the value 03 in the table avaliable in Departments of Colombia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and clicking in the second column value (Arauca).



In this case, we can achieve it using single click activity with dynamic selector.
Hope the following helps you. (2.6 KB)


Hola Jorge! Welcome to the UiPath community :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to click more than one of these links, perhaps a DataTable would be more useful. You can use the “Data Scraping” UiPath function located in the top toolbar of the software to easily manage this.

Just click the “Data Scraping” button and click on the first ID, in this case, 00 (if prompted to extract the data from the whole table, click “No” as you’re only interested in the ID and URL). Click next on select second element and click on 01 instead. You’ll now have a single column which you can name “ID”.

After the wizard shows you the table preview, click on “Extract Correlated Data”, you will then click the first “Department”, in this case, ‘Capital District’ and ‘Amazonas’ as the second element. Name the second column “Department” and check the Extract URL box, which you can name “URL”.

Press next and now you’ll have a table looking like this:

Click Finish and you’ll have a DataTable containing all the IDs, Department Names and URLs.

You can now iterate the DataTable with a “For Each Row” function. I’ve attached a workflow that navigates through each of the links in the DataTable.

Happy automation!

visit_links_table.xaml (10.0 KB)

Thanks for helping me. :+1:

Thanks for helping me, too. :+1:

Now, I want find in this table a ID list from a txt or xls file, the list contain only one column with the IDs, for example the data of attached file (IDs.txt).