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I am new to uipath and have a question.
Is it possible that from a data table position generated from an excel, the robot will identify the text in a web table and capture the value next to the identified text?

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Yes it is technically possible to do with UiPath.

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How can I do this?
Can you give me an example?

There are many ways to do that, it is hard to tell which one will be better in your case but one of them is the activity below:

I strongly advise you to go through the free training offered here:

I will try to use this activity, thank you.
I am trying to do the following, the robot should locate the column B currency in the site table below and capture the selling rate, if there is any suggestion on how to do this, I appreciate it.


Remembering that the currency may come different in the spreadsheet.

I have already started online training.

Take a look at this project so you can see how i would do it:
conversao_bcb.xaml (14.5 KB)
just remember to change the path to your excel file, and it should look like this in your screenshot…

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