UI Path SAP Quiz

Team, I have answered multiple times the SAP Automation Quiz, wherein 8 questions were there to be answered. Each Time the score is 50% , despite answering most of them correct, if not all. I am sure there is some glitch in the page or with my account. Please help


There are few multiple choice questions in exam. You’ll get full marks to that question only if you answered all correct options. However, missing a one or two options change your score and overall it requires 80% to clear this exam.

Please answer carefully and check again. If still facing issues, raise a support request to UiPath team and sure they’ll help you out.

Hi sir. I have tried all the possibilities. Yet see the same score as 50%. How to raise a request with support team. Appreciate your help.

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Could you please help @Jafer.ece or redirect him to right channel.

Hi @Jafer.ece

Our Academy Support can be contacted over here: