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I want to filter incoming mail based on subject name. I either use Filter property in Get Outlook Mail Message activity or read unread mails (say limit 30) and put them in a list of mail messages and loop them.

If I want to use the filter property, I should be doing something like this (Method 1).



Or else I could use something like this (Method 2).

For each item in MailList

I want to filter mails with subject containing string value “Test”. For example mail coming with subject Test 1, Test 2, Test ABC etc. I could do something like item.Subject.toLower.Contains(“Test”) in Method 2.

I feel Method 2 is inefficient since Get Outlook Mail Message will read all mails (30 mails by default) regardless of the subject and then I filter out them in a For Each loop.

Is there any method exists to filter mails subject containing string “Test” by configuring Filter property in Options pane?


There is no other option then this you can filter based on received time and then Loop it that may be effective. we can use contain inside the filter option.

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How to filter an email by using the category, And how to mention that category in filter property?

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You can do something like this in filter property.
Please check available syntax from here.

@yuji.katayose :Thanks for providing the keyword for category:)

How to Filter Email in Outlook to Skip the Inbox

  1. Open Outlook and click Inbox (or any other folder you want to apply a rule to).
  2. Click the Rules icon and then Manage Rules and Alerts.
  3. Click New Rule.
  4. Select a template
  5. Uncheck “with specific words in the subject” and check “with specific words in the subject or body.”

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