Get Outlook Mail Messages- filter option

Hi there,

I need to use the Outlook filter option for a project. I need to get all messages who do not contain of the string ‘TR’. How do I do that?

Please check the below link

Hi @SSchmitz,

Try like this When you reading the mail messages you will get list right so loop through the list and then for each mail to get the subject mail.subject.tolower.tosting you will get subject right right store it in one string variable and then compared using string_varible.Equals(you string) if it is same it will return true other wise false


You could directly use the get mail activity and the filter property with an advanced filter query:
like to filter a text in the mail body:
“@SQL=(”“urn:schemas:httpmail:textdescription”" LIKE ‘%“&in_Config(“Body”).ToString &”%’)"