Filter subject in getoutlookmailmessage activity by using regular expression

Hi all,

Can we filter dynamic subject(one line is fixed) in getoutlook mail message activity ?
For eg: I want the bot to read the mails with subject containing “Uipath forum” using filter property. The subject may contain other words as well along with “Uipath forum”

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@tgopalas Check the below link.

@Manjuts90 Already I’ve gone through that link…

Can you please give the syntax if you have tried

@tgopalas I didn’t tried it, instead of it , u can try as follows after reading mails without filter u can inside for loop, with if condition u can check whether mail subject contains particular words.
For time being u can use this.

@Manjuts90 I’ve don with the development… but i just wanted to give it a try while reading the mails itself using filter property. :slight_smile:

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