GetOutlookMailMessage Activity (Filter) can use Conatains?

Using an Activity(GetOutlookMailMessage), I want to ‘Mark as read’ only mail that contains the value of the NewMailList_Subject variable. So, I tried the screenshots. But Not working. How should I apply my filter?
(I want to using Contains, not “=” in the filter.)

Activity(GetOutlookMailMessage)를 이 용하여, NewMailList_Subject 변수값이 포함되어 있는 메일만 읽음 처리를 하고 싶습니다. 필터에 어떻게 써야 하나요?
(필터에 = 이 아닌, Contains를 사용하여 적용하고 싶습니다.)

Could you help me?

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You can use the "subject : " filter on Outlook

This is what you should enter in your Filter argument for Get Outlook Mail Message “subject:”""+item.Subject+""""

Basically if your Subject is “Important Mail” then the filter would look like subject:“Important Mail”

Source : Outlook Advanced Mail Filtering

Hope this helps

If it doesn’t please log item.subject in your if activity to see if it’s empty or not.



Thank you. I will try this one!

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