How to filters outlook mail message

Hi All,

Please help to guide outlook fileter expression editor

Want filter by **Sender email address + Subject + Date Receive **

  1. Filter Sender email address

  2. Filter subject Subject Dynamic (TEST-DymamicNumber)
    Ex. Subject : "TEST-11111"
    Ex. Subject : "TEST-22222"

3.Filter by date
3.1 date today
3.2 date period Ex. date < 7 Days

Thank you.

@Chanwit You can refer to the below post.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for solution
if want to filter by subject name (dynamic) can you quide for code or acttivity ?

@Chanwit How you are getting the Subject?

[Subject]=dynamic string variable

If you get the subject from some file and if you get those names to a variable, suppose subjectName is that string variable. Then give it as [Subject]=subjectName

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