Filter Queue Items

Hi all,

I would like to filter queue items that is failed and add the items back into the queue so it can retry. So my idea is to get the current items in the queue and add the items back in the queue to retry.

How am I going to filter on the queue based on the date and time?
For example, I want to filter based on today’s date but if the started time is after 1 hour.
Does anyone have any idea on what to kind of syntax can be put there. I try to use
System.Date.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”) but it seems like it does not accept string.


As per the documentation:

it accepts DateTime Values so you can try with System.DateTime.Now only without string conversion or CDate(“your date dd/MM/yyyy”)

Do you happen to know how to auto retry from queue if status is failed. As highlight from below diagram.

Currently I have set the trigger to auto retry for 3 times. But if it stills failed after this auto retry. Then I usually will manually retry from Orchestrator.

I tried to filter this queue items using get queue items and send into the queue items again but I’m afraid there will be a duplicate data. Because the manual way of retry won’t allow you to retry if the item already being retried. So that would avoid duplicate item.