Creating a Queue Report - Review Column

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I have a process that uses Get Queue Items activity to generate an MI Report which is sent to stakeholders at the end of a business day. The data I want to achieve is very simple

Total Number of Successful Cases
Total Number of Business Exceptions
Total Number of Application Exceptions

The issue with the process at the moment is when totalling the Application Exceptions it will count items in the queue that have been retried. I can see which these are by looking at the Orchestrator Queue under the Revision column.

I believe the solution would be to filter these out (Contains “Retried”) - but I cant find how to extract the Revision Column.

The other columns are being extracted like : Item.Status and Item.Reference etc…


You can filter in the Get Queue Items activity by choosing Successful, Failed items only

So, It may help for you


Thanks @Srini84 - I was aware of this but it didnt help for my MI Report

If you imagine this is the orchestrator Queue

Reference Revision Status
12345 Retried Application Exception
12345 None Successful

My process will create a report like this

1 Successful
1 Application Exception

But I want my report to exclude the item that was Retried because its a duplicate so I want my report to say

1 Successful

I can see what you are flagging to me now! I cant believe I have missed this! Ha, thank you

So I can uncheck ‘Retried’ in the Get Queue Items activity and this will exclude retried items!!

Perfect thanks - Will give this a try

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Not sure if this will help anyone else, but for whatever reason, filtering out retried queue items using the Get Queue Items activity doesn’t work. I tested it isolating it just to retried items when there are definitely Retried Items (manually retried in orchestrator)

To enable me to identify Retried Items, I was able to extract using Item.ReviewStatus.ToString and then filter them out of my Datatable


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