Get Queue Items - QueueItemStates Failed, Successful, today?

Hi team

I am currently running a process to run a report on all queue items that were completed today.

Can anyone help me with this?

When I use “Get Queue Item”, there are sections for “From and To” to filter the item on the Minimum and Maximum Creation date, but I am wanting to filter the items based on the date (today) it was set to Failed/Successful.


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Please check below thread.


This filters today data from Queue and returns queue item

Was anyone able to find a solution for this problem? The From and To field in GetQueueItem filter items based on the date it was created in the queue. I am looking for something that can filter based on date it was set to successful or fail. There is End Date column when we look at the Queue in Orchestrator but do anyone know how can I access that column?

I am wondering this as well, the Get Queue Items says the from and to date is filtered by creation date, so if an item was created on one day and then moved to successful the next day, the item would be lost on a daily report…