Filter Not Working

Hi All,

I’m working on final assignment of ui path certification. Im trying to filter the rows where

  1. ‘Status’ is ‘open’,
    2)‘Type’ is ‘WI4’
  2. WIID is greater than 300000.

Im able to get data for first two scenarios, when i add scenario 3, i dont see any data in my excel. I tried putting the value 300000 with quotes and without quotes. No luck!!.

@Naveen_Akula Are you using Linq or Filter Datatable?

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Check below :point_down:


@supermanPunch I’m using Filter DataTable

@mz3bel Thankyou for your reply. But this doesn’t help since i’m using filter DataTable. Pls check below SS


Filter Datatable activity work well with STRING data, but it’s problem with INT value even through you put 300000 inside " "
You should use other method to filter data in this case

@Naveen_Akula Can you try this Expression in an Assign Activity :
ExtractDatatable = ExtractDatatable.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(“Status”).ToString.Equals(“Open”) and row(“Type”).ToString.Equals(“W14”) and Convert.ToDouble(row(“WIID”).ToString)>300000).CopyToDataTable

Hi @Naveen As its a string use Equals or contains method for first two and for last one remove the double quotes (" ") in value.