Unable to filter data


i need to filter with condition column screens = 0 screens and column issueNumber = 0
when i am giving same condition in filter data table , data table returning nothing please cehck below excel and condition in UiPath


help me on same

maybe trimming is needed

Assign Activity
dtFiltered =

(From d in yourDT.AsEnumerable
Where d("Screens").toString.Trim.Equals("0 screens")
Where d("IssuesNumber").toString.Trim.Equals("0")
Select r =d).CopyToDataTable

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal,

Try simplifying the step using LINQ in an assign activity. Here is an example of the same,

dt_YourDT = dt_YourDT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) row("Screens").ToString.Trim.Contains("0 screens") And row("IssuesNumber").ToString.Trim.Equals("0")).CopyToDataTable


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