Filter Expression

Filtering the expression does not work

basically we want to filter ‘output’ column = -2146826246 and ‘Result’ column = “W” but the output is not expected.

dtData1.Select(“[Output] = (‘-2146826246’) AND [Result] Not in (‘W’)”)

pls help me on this.

Hy @Raj_Nadar,

Please use the filter data table activity, it will be easier to get it right. It has an easy interface


filter datatable not excuting properly however i used filter expression

will you able to help me on this.

Can you share your screenshots of your filter activity?

we are extracting certain data from table but multiple condition not supporting here.

attached is workflow, highlighted issue.
Testfile.xlsx (14.4 KB)
Test_Filter.xaml (8.2 KB)

Hy @Raj_Nadar, please have a look at my workflow.

I used the ‘Filter Data Table’ Activity, it is simpler tha what you were doing.


If you liked my solution please mark this post as solution :slight_smile:

Thank you. (35.7 KB)

Oh…I put filter double quotation in numeric format thats reason i could not see the results in Filter table, Thanks.

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Hy @Raj_Nadar,

One of the main characteristics of Uipath is that it is a low code platform. In Uipath try to do things in Uipath way :slight_smile:

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