How to Filter a Pivot Table using Pivot Table filter

Hi All,

We have a use-case where we have to change the values of the Pivot Table Filter dynamically. This is required for filtering the pivot table based on a value in one of the Pivot columns.
Excel - Pivot Table Filter

P.S - Can’t use UI Automation, have to complete the development with Excel Application Scope.

Thanks in Advance!

Hello @abhat
Try VBA code to filter the pivot table using the Invoke VBA in the Excel application Scope.
Refer to this thread for the VBA code

You could try the Filter Pivot Table activity. It’s available starting UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.16.0

image Thanks for the update.
We are currently 2020.10.4 Studio and hence can’t use this activity version. Once we upgrade the environment we will test this out