Filter in Pivot and save as

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build my first StudioX bot and not sure how to get the below idea done.

I have a database file which i can let the bot create a pivot of it, however i need the bot to filter in column A ( Product code ) and select first product code and then save a copy of that pivot and rename it with the product code. and then filter again and select 2nd product code and repeat the process.
Any ideas please?

Thank you in advance.

kind regards,
Mahmoud Elawady

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Hey @Hooda

Are you facing any specific issue here or just facing difficulty in implementing the logic?


Hi, facing defculty in implementing the logic, not sure which command to use to perform the steps for all product codes.

Thank you.

Hi @Hooda ,

Sharing my thought over your requirement.

After creating pivot table try to use combination of couple of activities.

One is Filter activity in studiox to filter the specific column with the text in our case product code. Once we filtered the data use one more activity called copy paste range to copy the visible cells from the pivot excel and paste into another excel. Please explore on these activities. Thanks.