Filter Excel Table into PowerPoint


I am trying to filter an excel table then import it into a PowerPoint. This is classically done in Studio X but I am wanted to do this within Studio.

I have setup an excel scope and connected to a file. Am succesfully pulling over a pie chart no problem so I know my excel connection is working.


I reconigse that on the filter, within the source I haven’t provided the table name but I can’t see any parameter that I could pass it too which works (I have tried Name, PivotTable, and DataTableValue and none of these I could get working).

Some guidance here would be appreciated, also assuming my logic on the PowerPoint ‘Table to add’ part may also need updating to know again how to pass the table name over.


Hi @Joshua_Allan_0

So you want to do that in Studio right?

A better approach will be using the activities:
Read Range … your output will be a datatable
filter Data Table … the one from the excel
Then Add that to your Slide

Tell us if that works for you.

Perfect then

Develop the project in studioX if you are very clear and you can open that project in studio as well

It’s absolutely possible

For more details

Cheers @Joshua_Allan_0

I had thought about doing it this way but I wondered actually if this then limits what I can do still within excel for other activities. For example with graphs in my excel wanting them to update to the filtered selection of data within excel and copying these across.

I guess I am more interested to know how to get it working to unlock it for other uses than just this one use case.

This will only be a small section of my development and so jumping between Studio and Studio X doesn’t feel the best method.

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Then you can try with same set of studioX activities in studio as well
All the activities that are available in StudioX can be used in Studio and Studio Pro. Click View Options filter activities|autoxautofilter activities|autoxauto at the top of the Activities panel, and then select Show StudioX . The StudioX activities available in the packages installed for the current project are listed in the StudioX category.

Cheers @Joshua_Allan_0

So in my first comments I am already using the studio X activities.

Effectively I am needing the correct logic path for the Source to access my Table 1 on Sheet 1 which can referenced by Excel from my Use Excel File scope

@carmen @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your help, I got there by just passing the table number without and worksheet context.:man_facepalming: Was trying to give too much information but its simpler than I thought!


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