Filter Data table not working

The Select method to filter the Datatable is not working. It is not filtering based on the provided condition. Instead it is giving all the rows. Please find attached the screen shot.


Hi @jeyaprakasamm,

Please use ‘Trim’ function for both columns.

dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status = ‘Open’”)

this can be used to populate a System.DataRow object which will have all the rows you need.

There is nothing wrong with the expression.
I guess you are exporting the wrong data table.
Make sure you are exporting out_FilteredDataTable to the Excel.

Karthik Byggari


Great! That resolves the issue. it was my mistake wrongly exporting the data table. Thank you so much.

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Can you please mark my previous post as solution. Thank you :slight_smile: