Error with Filter DataTable

Hey Everyone I am facing error when filtering a Datatable. I am Filtering a datatable (Sheet2) Based on the contents of Sheet1. After using a filter data table I use output database to see the content of the filter data table activity.

The output contains only the Header line and not the rows which I expect as the output.

Please help .


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May I know what was was filtered if possible the screenshot of filter wizard
And did we try with select method
Cheers @Aditya_Bhalerao


What is the Select Method

Datatable.Select(your condition)

Cheers @Aditya_Bhalerao

Did you take a look at the workflow ?

I did see any xaml here in this post buddy

@Palaniyappan Please take a look at the File, I named the files by your name :sweat_smile:

Palaniyappan.xaml (10.7 KB) Palaniyappan.xlsx (99.0 KB)

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I have used the same bot for two different files and the results are like this.

Here is the Output from Output Data Table, it shows all the row that are filtered

Here is another Output from Output Data Table, it doesnt take row values in the filtering action.

@Palaniyappan Take a look at the images

My name :expressionless:
Fine let me check them once
Cheers @Aditya_Bhalerao

@Palaniyappan Any Updates

Hey @Aditya_Bhalerao

In the filter data table, the values you provide, are they matching with the values you have in those two columns? Just make sure whether those are a exact match…