Problems with Filter Data Table

We have a question using the Filter Data Table activity.
When we read information from a CSV file and try to filter the information to dump the result in a CSV file, we can not get it to work properly.
In the case of text values, if it works for us, but when we want to perform a filter with numeric values (field1 > 1500), for example, it does not work for us.

Could you help us?

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dt is datatable
dt1 is array of rows

If the above logic is not working, then check data type of the column in excel, it may be string, not number ie '12345

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you have to give field1 > 1500.00
you have to add “.00”. it will work

I have done tests changing the value from 1500 to 1500.00 but still do not make the comparison correctly.

The data comes from a CSV file that we obtain from joining several smaller files.

Then, we create a DT to read the CSV file and another DT to save the records that we will obtain after filtering the data.

We read the CSV and try to filter the data, but that is when we can not filter by the numeric value.

What are we doing wrong?

Thank you,Ejemplo Filter Data (7.2 KB)

@daniel.valle I am facing the same issue. The comparison works for some columns having text(strings) . But does not work for columns with number values. e.g., “Count” > 50.
Either all the data gets written to output csv or only the headers. Did u have any luck in fixing this?
Below is my workflow
Any help will be appreciated.