Filter database

Hello All,

I am doing one testing where I have to filter data in excel sheet. I use excel scope and read range to read the data from excel and create a variable whose data type is datatable after that, I used Filter data activity to filter the table. I have implemented all the condition with column name for filtration. for output I have used output activity where I convert value to string format. But the output is coming but without filter.

Can anyone help how to resolve this issue and

In output property, provide another datatable.:grinning:

No I put the same data table

There are multiple ways to filter data table, one is using filter data table and as @Vivek_Arunagiri said give new data table variable as a output of that activity, or you can loop using for each row and use if conditions, else you can use select query using where clause…

So please try using another new datatable.

Thank you for reply but I have done the same thing . I have created new variable whose data type is Data table and same has been assigned to output of that activity. but still not working. By looping functionality but its not working in filter database activity

Is it possible to give sample data? With condition you want to filter??


Just an example that If I have a Excel sheet which contains some few names and age. My condition is filter the name whose age is greater then 60

Then try using select statement.“Convert([ColumnName],‘System.Decimal’)>‘60’”)

And try in filter data table also with condition as Convert([Last Price],‘System.Decimal’)>‘60’