Filter Data Table error issue & solution suggestion?

Hi all,

I’m following the online course and it’s currently teaching excel related materials specifically on filter tables.
Left screen: from the course
Right screen: my studio

I have followed all the steps and I’m getting a Filter Data table:Data Table error which in my limited knowledge isn’t helping me understand where the problem is.

I’m quite confused and if anyone has any idea what the problem is and the solution would appreciate it!

ss1: filter rows

ss2: output columns

ss3: activities before the above

Edit ss4: the raw data

Hi @Dillon_Marius ,

Could it be the case that when you were configuring the Filter Datatable activity, you were pasting the copied values into it ?

If so, could you give a try by re-typing the values into the Filter Datatable ? Do not copy Paste the values.

Hi Superman,

Thanks for the input.
I did just that and in fact made a whole new filter data table wherein I typed the value in (not copy pasting).

However it still says the error Filter Data Table Faulted

HI @Dillon_Marius

can you try with this xaml hope it will help for you

xaml :- Filter Data Table error (1.7 KB)

for your reference input and out

input : - image

output:- image

the out filtered on the above which as less then 2005…

You’re reading from Excel so the Revenue column is probably string not integer. You’d have to convert it to integer before you can use Filter Data Table to look at the amount.

Thank you guys for the above! Sorry for the late reply.
Apparently the issues was in the wrong naming (smh) of one of the data table in the filter data table or something hence it wasn’t working properly.

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