Filter data table and data extraction

Lets say i have a data table on a webpage

I need to check if the data in the Channel column is less than or greater than 1 channel so may questions are

  1. do i use data scraping or get text activity to extract data from the table?
  2. how do i check if the data is greater than
    “1 channel”?
  3. how to write the if condition if it is greater than “1 channel”


  1. Scrape the Data [Whole Table or the particular cell of the Table]
  2. String Manipulation [extracting number from the scraped value]
  3. Validation [using the comparison operators (<, >, <=, >= etc.)]

To Scrape the Data

String Manipulation

Suppose, strText is a string variable that contains the value of the particular cell i.e. 2 Channel

We need to get the number from this string. It can be done as follows

  • without regex

  • with regex


Convert the number from the above step to integer and compare it


Please refer this xaml

ScrapeManipulateValidate.xaml (10.5 KB)

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