Filter Data Table Activity - Webdata Scrapping

Hello Experts, I am using the ‘filter data table activity’ , to filter a ‘DataTable’ extracted from a DataScraping done in a website. The problem is the following error “column type is not supported”

Below the table generated using the ‘Write Range’


Please, how can I solve this?

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Please show setting of Filter Data Table activity

Here it is.


First I tryed with the name columns “Job Title”, “Company” and “Salary”

@Jeff_E - pls try below with assign activity

dtTestJob =vDataTableIndeed.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)().Where(Function(row) Not row.ItemArray.All(Function(field) field Is DBNull.Value Or field.Equals(""))).CopyToDataTable()


Hi, thanks for the answer.

I tried it, but didn’t work. First gave me a error, that i solved using this method

Then, the robot runs without error, but the rows in the datatable that contains empty fields isn’t deleted.

Please, check the files.

Data Extraction Job (977.5 KB)


Please remove the last AND condition in filter setting (by click on X button) then it will be ok