Column type is not supported

Am getting an error ‘Column data is not supported’ under the ‘filter data table’ activity. Can somone please advise?

Ticket data.xaml (5.5 KB)

@Jayasuryan_Chandrasekhar I have noticed in your Filter Datatable Wizard Output Columns, You haven’t given the Proper name. There are multiple Lines in the name given, Please correct that and check if it works

Ticket data test.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hi, I made the changes but now my output does not show the data that has been filtered from the Sheet. It only shows the headers. Not sure where it is is going wrong?

@Jayasuryan_Chandrasekhar We might need data along with Workflow to understand it’s working :sweat_smile:

I have now been able to correct the filter now.One question I had on filtering date from the column, it does not seem to filter like for the other data types. So in case I wanted to filter the column for anything <4/30/2020 23:37 , how would I create the filter row?

4/30/2020 23:55
4/30/2020 23:50
4/30/2020 23:37
4/30/2020 23:37
4/30/2020 23:31


@Jayasuryan_Chandrasekhar Have you tried with this Expression :
CDate(“4/30/2020 23:37”)

Check if this helps in filtering. If it won’t work then we might need to use a Linq Query